Open Virtualization for Xilinx’s ZC-702

Open Virtualization (OV) is the first open software implementation of a Trusted Security Environment (TEE) for ARM TrustZone hardware security extensions as specified in Global Platform’s TEE Specification.. Sierraware is the company behind it. Since I first knew of OV I have had a great interest in using it for my research, and therefore I have spent some time understanding it and improving it to work with the boards we work with – the Xilinx’s ZC702. This efforts are now materialized in a git repository, under a GNU v2.0 License.

I hope for this repository to become the beginning of a TruztZone community for Xilinx. I will be updating it with improvements I make in it, as a product of my research – maybe somebody finds it also useful and interesting.

Here you can find the repository:

Here you can find more about SierraWare:

Here you can find more about OV: 

Enjoy! 🙂