Peer-Reviewed Publications

NVMW 2016 Javier González , Matias Bjørling, Seongno Lee, Charlie Dong, Yiren Ronnie Huang “Application-Driven Flash Translation Layers on Open-Channel SSDs”, NVMW’16, San Diego, CA, USA (March 2016)
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NVMW 2015 Matias Bjørling, Jesper Madsen, Javier González , Philippe Bonnet, “Linux Kernel Abstractions for Open-Channel Solid State Drives”, NVMW’15, San Diego, CA, USA (March 2015)
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ISC 2014 Javier González , Michael Hölzl, Peter Riedl, Philippe Bonnet, and René Mayrhofer, “A Practical Hardware-Assisted Approach to Customize Trusted Boot for Mobile Devices”, ISC’14, Hong Kong, China (October 2014)
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iEMSs 2014 Philippe Bonnet, Javier González , Joel Granados, “A Distributed Architecture for Sharing Ecological Data Sets with Access and Usage Control Guarantees”, iEMSs’14, San Diego, California, USA (June 2014)
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TrustData 2013 Javier González , Philippe Bonnet, “Towards an Open Framework Leveraging a Trusted Execution Environment”, TrustData’13, Zhangjiajie, China (November 2013)
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IPSN Ph.D Forum (2012) Javier González, “Wireless Data Logger Networks” [Extended Abstract] IPSN’12 – Ph.D Forum, Beijing, China (April, 2012)
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SIGMOD 2011 P.Bonnet, S.Manegold, M.Bjørling, W.Cao, J.González, J.Granados, N.Hall, S.Idreos, M.Ivanova, R.Johnson, D.Johnson, D.Koop, T.Kraska, R.Müller, D.Olteanu, P.Papotti, C.Reilly, D.Tsirogiannis, C.Yu, J.Freire, D.Shasha, “Repeatability and workability evaluation of SIGMOD 2011“, ACM Digital Library.


RocksDB Meetup’15 Javier González “RocksDB on Open-Channel SSDs”, RocksDB Meetup’15, Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, CA, USA (December 2015)
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LinuxCon Europe (2015)  Javier González, “Towards Application Driven Storage. Optimizing RocksDB for Open-Channel SSDs “, LinuxCon Europe, Dublin, Ireland (October, 2015)
Lund LinuxCon (2015)  Javier González, “Towards Application Driven Storage”, LLC, Lund, Sweden (May, 2015)
Xilinx Security Working Group (2014)  Javier González, “Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on Zynq”, XSWG, Longmont, CO, USA (October, 2014)
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 Javier González, “Implementing Usage Control using Zynq’s Run-Time Security Capabilities”, XSWG, Longmont, CO, USA (October, 2014)
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Research Collaboration Workshop (2014)  Javier González, “Trusted Cells: Architecture”, UCB/SDU/ITU Research Collaboration Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark (June, 2014)
OpenIT (2014)  Javier González, “Building Trust Despite Digital Personal Devices”, IT University of Copenhagen , Copenhagen (April, 2013)
Telefonica (2012) Javier González, “Do we really need cheap, power efficient hardware for network embedded systems?”, Telefónica , Madrid (November, 2012)
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Ph.D Thesis Javier González, “Operating System Support for Run-Time Security with a Trusted Execution Environment”, Ph.D Thesis. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2015)
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M.Sc. Thesis Javier González, “The MANA Testbed“, M.Sc. Thesis. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2011)
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Bachelor Thesis Javier González, “WebQuest-SCORM“, Bachelor Thesis (Proyecto Fin de Carrera). Universidad de Valladolid, España (2009)

Technical Reports

Tech Report Javier González , Philippe Bonnet, “TEE-based Trusted Storage”, Technical Report at IT University of Copenhagen, (February, 2014)

Teaching Materials

WSN Workshop Javier González, “Wireless Sensor Networks in the context of MANA“, PITLab – WSN Workshop. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
GSD Javier GonzálezAslak Johansen “GSD 2012 Project Description“, Materials for the Global Software Development project cluster supervised at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2012)[GSD 2012]
Javier González, 
Aslak Johansen and Matias Bjørling “GSD 2013 Project Description“, Materials for the Global Software Development project cluster supervised at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2013)
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