My name is Javier González and My Cellar Door is my website. I am a systems software engineer interested in storage systems, high performance, and security in the context of the Linux Kernel. I hold a Ph.D in Computer Science from the IT University of Copenhagen (2015). My research focused in run-time security, operating systems, and at the end in application driven storage. I am now part of the team that is designing and building the software ecosystem for next generation data center storage systems at CNEX Labs. Here, I focus on Application Driven Storage solutions in the context of Open-Channel SSDs. I contribute to open source projects such as LightNVM (Linux Kernel), RocksDB, and I lead the development of liblightnvm. I also spend time thinking about the security of distributed storage systems to (among other things) be compliant with certifications such as OPAL, FIPS 140-2, and IEEE 1667.

I was born in Oviedo (Spain) in 1987. I obtained both my Bachelor’s and Master’s at the University of Valladolid (Spain), being awarded with the Best Student Award in the latter. In summer 2010, I moved to the IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark) to carry out my Master’s Thesis inside of MANA under the supervision of associate professor Philippe Bonnet. Thanks to MANA, I had the unique chance to travel to Northeast Greenland (74°30’N / 21°00’W) to deploy our system in a lake near Zackenberg Research Station. After this, I decided to apply for a doctorate position also at ITU with Philippe as my supervisor. During my master and Ph.D years at ITU I was part of several research projects: My Ph.D was partly sponsored by INTERACT, an EU founded project for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic. Here, I contributed to WP5 – Virtual Instrumentation and specially to WP7 – Data Management. The latter opened my main line of research: privacy and run-time security. With my research I also contributed to (i) Energy Futures, an initiative at the IT University of Copenhagen to approach the challenges of Denmark moving towards a fossil free society through digital design, media and services; and (ii) PDS4NRJ, a Marie Curie Action whose overall objective was to define a new form of decentralized infrastructure for sharing smart meter data with access and usage control guarantees. My research is documented in a number of publications, which are gathered on my Ph.D thesis. One practical result of my research was the first generic TrustZone driver on the Linux Kernel. I defended my Ph.D thesis on March, 2015.  After graduate school, I moved on to work CNEX Labs, where I am a happy software engineer.

Would be defined as an open minded and taboo-less person who is always willing to learn from everyone around me and those not around me too. Besides my work, I am a very social person that enjoys long evenings with friends, cocktails, and Rock’n’Roll. I also enjoy spending my free time as an amateur photographer. If you are interested, you can visit my portfolio and see the world through my eyes.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail at javier<at>javigon.com if you are interested on my current projects.

cellar door is considered to be the most beautiful combination of characters in terms of phonaesthetics (sound) in the English language. Semantics have nothing to do with this special characteristic. To me this highlights that, what some times tends to be common, average, and non remarkable, is indeed able to stand out among the rest because of some unforeseen attributes. Some might see a simple door to a cellar, where there lays a portal to a new, fascinating world.