Developing for Android – Underneath Apps

Some weeks ago, I started working with Android, not as an application developer, but as a platform one. What does this means? Under any Android there is a great deal of things that need to work in order to be able to run whichever app we can think of – from a game to e-banking.

Some of these things are: the bootloader, the kernel, the partition tables,… My intention is to gather all the knowledge necessary for successfully building an Android App starting from scratch: Identifying our platform, compiling the boot loader, kernel and Android, burning the images into the physical board, etc. Also, I plan on writing about my experience on how to face some of the problems that might arise when carrying out these tasks: From how to completely wipe out and SD card not to encounter “dirty” parts of the  kernel, to using the NDK in order to speed up our App, going through – for instance – how make use of Fastboot in order to easily burn images in a physical board.

I hope that these series of post are useful for Android Developers and amateur Android System Developers, and also, not that much boring 😉

– javier