Getting efficient with vim and YADR

A couple weeks ago I posted my new working environment: YADR + iTerm2 . I am still loving it, and in fact it gets better and better as one gets used to the shortcuts and the new functionality that was simply not there before! The problem is that due to all that many new shortcuts + the chances of you messing up when typing something wrong in vim, I keep finding myself in google or egreping my YADR tree very often. This post is therefore as much for myself as for anybody in the same situation as me: A compilation of shortcuts and useful commands that make my/your life easier. Continue reading

Recover command line after upgrading Mac OS – Installing Command Line Tools (Lion & Mountain Lion)

I love Apple and use my MB Pro for everything, from my personal everyday: mail, calendars, Facebook, etc. However, each time a new version of Mac OS is released, the SO moves further and further from Unix, and therefore from “standards”.

One of the consequences of this -among others- is that the known in linux OS as /bin moves around, making our .bashrc (yes, we do have that in Mac OS too) useless every time we upgrade. Since trying to add to the $PATH all the different folders each upgrade moves around is extremely painful, here it is an useful tip to recover the system commands from the terminal (e.g. git, gcc, javac, etc). (Please note that your own scripts, commands and binaries will remain the same and totally accessible as log as they are part of your $PATH).

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